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If you're reading this, chances are you've seen us evolve and grow over the last few years and we really value and appreciate the support you give us.  Thank you so much, it means a lot to us.

Behind the scene we've been dabbling with Silca hot melt chain waxing and it's fair to say we're converts. There are many benefits.  However, because it's a solid wax at operating temps, it's not as quiet or forgiving as oils if you leave it too long between waxing intervals and it does dictate regular service intervals to keep it quiet and shifting smoothly. 

The Wash & Wax program is built for our riders who would prefer to spend more time riding than servicing.  If you're riding 2 > 3 times a week and want your bike running smoothly 365 days a year then this is a great way to do it. 

Before we launch the program officially I want to invite a few select riders to try it out and make sure it meets the needs and expectations of our riders, that we're offering great value and that we can keep on top of the frequent service work.

We're offering a special price of $49.99/month for the first 50 riders to join, after that we expect the price to increase to $59.99/month

Wash & Wax Founding Membership

The program is built to reward our riders and long-term customers.  I'm fully aware that your word-of-mouth is the strongest advertising for Tune we have and hope that this program goes some way toward thanking you for telling your friends and family about us.

There's more detail below but it you've read enough, please click the sign up button below, 


Monthly Bike Wash & Chain Waxing

You'll have a monthly appointment where the team will clean & re-wax your chain(s) with Silca Hot Melt.  We'll also inspect your bike for wear and tear and make sure the pads, rotors, tyres and bearings are all in good working order. 

Photos and a multi-point inspection will be completed monthly, handy for tracking but also for insurance purposes.

Annual Major Service (1)

We've also included a major service. Please note, this is NOT to replace chain and cassette! They shouldn't need replacing if we're keeping on top of your re-waxing.  This is to complete the internal work many riders (& shops) overlook. 

With internal cable routing now standard on bikes.  We've prepped the program to include one (1) annual Bottom Bracket and Headset Servicing.  This gives us the ability to plan a major service that completely disconnects the hydraulic lines so we can replace the headset bearings.  Giving the disc brake system a complete flush and bleed at the same time.

NOTE:  Bikes doing 10,000kms or more may require 2 major services/year. The Major service will be completed between month 10 and 12 then annually.

Priority invite to supported events

We'd love to see you at events and races that we support.  These will usually be discounted entries to rides but will also include bike maintenance classes, beer tasting and other events we've got planned,  we'll let you know as these become available.  

Founder Members Only

In addition to the core program.  The first 50 members will get the added benefit of

Mates Rates on the entire family's bike fleet (one address)

As a founding member, we'll be setting you up with Mates Rates on all your servicing needs (20% off labour and mobile calls). 

This isn't just for your road bike though.  As a founding member, you'll also receive mates rates on your indoor trainer, your winter bike, your MTB, your partners' bike, your kid's bike, your unicycle, the full fleet.

10% off New Season Bikes

We're really excited to be adding bikes to our list of services this year.   Our core brand will be Trek and we'll add some boutique brands as stock becomes more readily available.  As bikes are new for us we'll be listening to our riders and working out which brands are right for you.

For our wash & wax members, we'll be giving a sneak peak of the new season ranges and offering a solid discount.  With bike pricing in 2023 that discount should pay for 12-months of on-going wash & wax by itself. 

This is a big discount on new season bikes and I expect we'll pull this back to 5% >7% when launched offically.


What's not Included:

Pre-Waxing Set-Up

Your bike is likely to need a pre-wax service.  This is to strip all existing dirt and oil from the drivetrain so it doesn't contaminate the wax and make sure the bike is ready for the next 15,000kms of riding.  Depending on your ride volume, you may also need multiple chains to cover you between services.

Maintenance from crash and accident repair.

If you happen to damage your bike the service and repair to get you back on the road will be at Mates Rates.

Suspension Servicing

We welcome MTB's to the plan but cant stretch to include suspension at the introductory price.

Parts & installation

We encourage you to have them fitted while your bike is here but parts and their installation are not included during a regular wash & wax. e.g.  Having a new tyre installed would add a Tyre + Install + Sealant.

If you're interested in trying Hot Chain waxing please register above.  As you're one of the first to be invited to the program, If there's someting you dont like, please let us know.  

Thanks and Happy Cycling,


Hayden Nosatti

Hot Melt Chain Waxing