Shimano Deore XT SM-RT99 Centrelock Disc Rotor

About Shimano RT99 Disc Rotor

Take big strides in your performance in the dirt with Shimano SM-RT99 disc rotors.

XTR SM-RT99 Ice Tech rotors provide consistent braking performance through energy control, using revolutionary stainless steel/alloy 3-layer sandwich construction that manages heat while riding. The clad steel/alloy/steel rotor construction allows heat generated from braking to radiate quickly through the aluminium core achieving surface temperature drops of around 50 deg C. When used with Ice Tech pads surface temperatures can drop from around 400 to 300 deg C, this provides great improvements in performance all round.
FREEZA rotors allow the alloy core to extend out from the braking surface as a fin to providing added cooling
Ice Tech rotors achieve long pad life, less noise and less fade due to improved heat dispersion
Rotors are durable, lightweight and rigid, using the proven Shimano Centre-Lock system to give increased strength and security with an easy set-up
Precision cut and drilled braking surface improves pad clearing in muddy conditions while aiding cooling under high load
Large alloy spider is a highly rigid and lightweight support for the rotor surface
Super polished braking surface gives excellent braking performance
Diameter: 140mm/160mm
Weight: 120g for 140mm
Compatibility: Shimano Centerlock hubs
Attachment Type: CenterLock and AFS
Material: Aluminium
Recommended Use: Mountain biking

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