Shimano 105 HG-601 11 Speed Chain

Shimano's CN-HG601 Sil-Tec chain is designed for use with 11-Speed drivetrains and can be used on both road and MTB bikes. Designed as a105-level chain, it boasts both low friction surface treatment SIL-TEC and PTFE (Teflon) surface coating to bolster durability and smooth shifting.


SIL-TEC -  Superior to simple coating, SIL-TEC is an advanced plating process that improves system performance through the use of imbedded fluorine particles. SIL-TEC products run smoother and wear longer in all conditions.

Directional - The CN-HG601 chain has a unique, asymmetrical design. The specially formed plates optimize the interaction between chain and cog as well as smoother shifting under load. The inner side is optimized for rear HG (Hyperglide) shifts and ensures fast and precise shifting. The outer sided is optimized for chainring shifts. The sides of the chain are marked to ensure that the chain is correctly assembled. The side with the markings is the outer side. 

Warning: The high shifting performance is achieved only through proper assembly. If the chain is assembled incorrectly, the chain may fall which may lead to serious injury.


  • Super narrow HG-X11 chain for 1x11, 2x11, 3x11
  • Same durability as current 10-speed chains
  • Smooth and precise shifting
  • Inner plate SIL-TEC, outer plate grey
  • Quick-Link version
  • Performance indicator: advanced (level 2 out of 3)


  • Application: Road, MTB, E-Bike, City
  • Gearing: 11-speed
  • Links: 116
  • Closure Type: master link (Quick-Link) 
  • Pin Type: chromed, solid
  • Directional: yes
  • Recommended Groupsets: 105 5800, SLX M7000-11, STEPS E8000, STEPS E6000
  • Material: steel

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