Croozer Sun Shade Kid for 1 Mint Green

So easy to install, the Croozer Sun Shade for the Croozer Kid One child carrier will keep the hot sun and UV rays off your child while using the Croozer carrier outdoors. It is fully adjustable and will slide up and down to enable you to check on your child when needed. Better still, it can stay on the carrier when you want to fold that down for storage or transport. To install, simply undo one of the hook and loop attachment points and then wrap the loop around the side bars of your carriers‚ inner frame, then press it closed to allow the Velcro to make a secure connection. Simply repeat this for the other attachment points and you're ready to head for the great outdoors with your precious cargo, but don't forget the sunscreen!

Easy install
‚ Hook & loop Velcro fasteners
‚ Slide adjustable
‚ UV Sun protection

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