Croozer Kid/Kid Plus Click and Crooz Axle Nut M10 x 1

Axle nut which can be used if the Click & Crooz universal hitch does not fit your bike.
‚ Axle nut with integrated Click & Crooz hitch for Croozer Kid | Kid Plus 2016 (and later models)
‚ Thread size: M10*1

Compatible with the following gearshift systems:
‚ 9-speed hub gear (iMotion 9)
‚ 3-speed hub gear (iMotion 3)
‚ 1-gear single speed (Torpedo Singlespeed)
‚ 8-speed hub gear (G8)
‚ Shimano
‚ 3-speed hub gear with derailleur (Nexave IF-C530 and FH-C810)
‚ derailleur with roll brake (Nexave FH-IM70 and FH-IM50)
‚ Rohloff
‚ 14-speed hub gear (Speedhub 500/14)
‚ NuVinci
‚ Stepless speed hub gear (N360)
‚ BionX
‚ Derailleur (electronic hub motor)

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