Croozer Kid For 2 Bicycle Trailer 2017 Green

The time has come for you to explore the great outdoors with your brand new Croozer Kid for 2. This extremely capable 3-in-1 jogger has all of the abilities you want in a stroller. Go ahead and jog, while pulling or pushing the Croozer Kid for 2 with little to no effort at all. Plus, now Croozer offer this 5-star 3-in-1 stroller in beautiful Meadow Green / Sand Grey colours, perfect for anyone who loves getting a breath of fresh air.

The Croozer Kid for 2 was built for the family that wants to get out and bring their kids along. Not only that, but if you have a small pet or have some hauling to do, you can complete it all with this Croozer. It is the perfect option for a parent with two children. Go ahead and grab this trailer/jogger/stroller and move it to the solution you‚ d like to use; it‚ s fast and easy to switch! Choose to use this Croozer Kid for 2 as an easy-to-navigate trailer with two hitches, a stroller that is more than perfect for walkabouts with an easy to turn swivel wheel or a jogger which provides the rider and the pusher a fast, yet smooth ride on any trail, sidewalk or road.

Additionally, the Croozer Kid for 2 is all about safety. When you purchase this Croozer, you can rest assured that it is fully equipped with all of the latest equipment and technology that will provide each passenger with the safest ride possible. All of the material used within this Croozer is free of all harmful substances. Plus, when you‚ re out and about, there‚ s nothing like pesky bugs that can ruin your adventure; find use out of the 2-in-1 combi-cover that provides the rider with a rain-free and bug-free ride. Also, take advantage of the space that this Croozer has to offer. With added space in comparison to the Croozer Kid for 1, this Croozer is intended to transport bigger loads, which may include two children, a furry friend or some luggage. In order to enjoy a life full of adventure while on the go, your Croozer Kid for 2 comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame. With the Croozer Kid for 2, you‚ ll be able to savour anywhere life takes you!

Included with your Croozer
‚ Bicycle trailer with 20" spoked wheels
‚ Trailer kit: 2 axle hitches, hitch arm with lockable hitch connector (3 keys), safety flag
‚ Stroller kit: 6" stroller wheel
‚ Jogger kit: 2 wheel arms with integrated tracking adjustment and 16" jogger wheel
‚ 2-in-1 combi-cover: Combined protection from insects and rain
‚ 25-liter cargo compartment
‚ Easy to fold ‚ no tools needed
‚ 3 in 1 ‚ includes trailer kit, stroller kit, and jogger kit
‚ Click & Crooz® ‚ switching between trailer, stroller, and jogger modes with the press of a button
‚ Safe passenger compartment with roll-over side-impact protection
‚ Toxproof safety mark: tested for harmful substances byRheinland
‚ Individual seat with ergonomic design
‚ Jogger kit with integrated tracking adjustment
‚ Variety of hitches for guaranteed compatibility with any type of bicycle
‚ 10-year warranty on frame

‚ Seats: 2
‚ Shoulder width (max.): 12¼ inch (31 cm)
‚ Headroom: 24¾ inch (63 cm)
‚ L x W x H (without handlebar): 42 ¾ x 34¼ x 11 “ inch (109 x 87 x 29 cm)
‚ L x W x H folded (without handlebar and wheels): 41 ¾ x 33 ¾ x 11 “ inch (106.5 x 86 x 29 cm)
‚ Handlebar height (min/max): 39 / 44" inch (99 / 112 cm)
‚ Weight (chassis with handlebar and wheels): 33.7 lb (15.3 kg)
‚ Weight capacity : 99 lb (45 kg)
‚ Wheels: 20" spoked wheels (silver) with reflectors
‚ Colour: Meadow Green / Sand Grey

Designed with your child‚ s safety in mind
‚ Safe passenger compartment with roll-over and side-impact protection
‚ 5-point harness system
‚ Reflective height and width markings
‚ Exceptional stability and resistance to tipping, thanks to the wide wheelbase and low centre of gravity
‚ Tested according to international standards for bicycle trailers and strollers ‚ DIN EN, ASTM, Health Canada, Standards Australia + New Zealand
‚ Voluntary certification with Toxproof safety mark fromRheinland (tested for harmful substances)

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