Continental Competition Tubular Tyre

About Continental Competition Tubular Tyre

Continental's Black Chili compound and Vectran technology combine brilliantly in the Continental Competition Tubular Tyre.

BlackChili -Newly developed synthetic rubbers with natural rubber and a proven high-performance tread compound. Continental combine these rubbers with special nanometric carbon soot particles, which are optimized in shape and surface properties for best uses for the intended tyre. BlackChili Compound reaches an unprecedented of performance. Compared to the previous best Activated Silica Compound, BlackChili tyres have 26% less rolling resistance, a 30% higher friction value (grip) and a 5% increase in mileage. The complex compound technology is so sensitive that tyres with BlackChili Compound can only be produced exclusively in Continental's German Korbach factory.
  • Vectran -Vectran is spun from Vectra liquid crystal polymer, which results in a thread that is thermoplastic and has multifilaments. This semicristalline material is harder then aramid, has five times higher tensile strenght than steel and in addition, is also lighter than comparable nylon thread. Vectran maintains these attributes even in the most adverse weather conditions.


  • Extra wide Vectran breaker protects against punctures around the edges of the tyre
  • Robust 3ply/180 tpi casing
  • Better grip and comfort in poor conditions
  • BlackChili gives outstanding wet weather grip and low rolling resistance
  • Well proven diamond tread profile

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