Shipping & Delivery is not like a normal website.  We don't throw everything in an airbag and get Auspost to leave it sitting on the porch (if you're lucky).  We want you to have the best cycling experience and make sure you get the best out of your upgrades.  When you order from TUNE cycles, it gets delivered to you via our Mobile Workshop and your local mechanic will arrange a time to meet you at home or work and install the parts for you.  

Our aim is to be your bike shop on wheels.


How to Buy

The best way to buy something off us to to combine your order with a General Service.  We'll arrive with the parts, give your bike a comprehensive clean & service and fit your new parts.  While we're there you also get some quality 1-1 time with the Mechanic to learn about your new toys and how to get the most out of them.

Obviously if you're bike is in great condition, we're happy to install the parts and give your bike a quick Tune Up.  Just like your local bike store, except you didn't need to load the bike into the car.


Which Service do I need?

Obviously the condition of your bike and when it was last serviced is a significant factor.  But based on parts we can make a couple of recommendations.  With the right service your upgrades will perform at their best.

Service Type
Tune Up Service Cages, Computers, Garmins, Lights, Bells, Bike Bags, Trainers, Pedals, Saddles
General Service Tyres, Inner Cables, Wheels, Power Meters, Brake Pads
Premium Service Cassettes, Chains, Tape, Grips, Cable Kits, Bottom Brackets, 
Ultimate Service Groupsets


How long does it take?

Delivery time is normally between 4 - 10 days.  Common items like chains, cables and brake pads are carried with us at all times so we can drop past at a time convenient for everyone.  We can't carry bulky items in the van at all times so these get delivered to your local mechanic prior to your service. 

What if I don't know anything about bikes and bike parts? 

No worries!  We carry a ton of common parts and can complete 99% of services on the spot with parts on hand.  Click on the button to the right 'Booking | Quote'.  We'll be in touch to help you out. 


What if I bought my parts else where?

No worries!  We're happy to come out and install them for you.


What if I just want the parts?

Sorry, we're not set-up to deliver things in boxes.  


Stay Tuned

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