DT Swiss e-MTB Hybrid Hand Built Wheelset

This is your Zero compromise Mountain Bike wheel upgrade that's specifically designed for the additional weight and power demands of e-MTB bikes and their riders. Weight rated to 150kg these are a perfect upgrade or second wheel set for most factory built eMTBs.

  1. Choose your eMTB rim
  2. Choose your hub axle width & diameter
  3. We will build, deliver & install to your eMTB

DT Swiss is on a mission, to bring eMTB riders the components they need. The people behind this mission are people who know, understand and the most important thing, ride eMTBs on their own. So go ahead and discover DT's understanding of what eMTBs are here for and discover the technologies we apply to make it happen. We are all in for this, it is our mission to unleash the full potential of these machines, to EXTEND YOUR RIDE.

DT Swiss H-Series Rims 

Putting in a lot of vertical on an eMTB in rough terrain means a hard life for rims. DT Swiss HYBRID rims feature our signature profile designs and optimised cross sections and are approved to a higher system weight of 150 kg. DT Swiss have added strength and material where it makes sense in order to deliver tough, e-bike specific rims that are offered in a range of widths to match any type of riding on any type of terrain. Like those robots said: Harder, better, faster, stronger.

DT Swiss HYBRID rims are engineered with increased wall thickness and classified for a 150 kg system weight. Available in 30 and 35 mm widths for increased traction and comfort.

Choose between DT's premium Hybrid e-MTB Rims.

HX 531

When you head into the unknown, whether on a 29er or a 27.5er, the HX 531 with its 30 mm internal width is the perfect choice. With an ideal position in the middle of the strength, to weight, to width range, it works with many tire sizes and is the ideal choice for all eMTB's meant to be ridden on proper MTB terrain.

HX 581

Our plus tire master, the 35 mm HX 581 is super strong, yet light and reliable and loves to smash through the rough like no other. The ideal rim for tires over 2.4" and designed from the ground up to deliver a long service life under the harshest conditions.


DT Swiss 350 Hybrid Hubs

The DT Swiss 350 Hybrid are strong hubs providing additionally long-term reliability. They are consisting of e-bike optimized components and are perfect for riders who like to use high quality bike parts to build a tough and durable wheel. The aluminium hubs are 100% swiss made for world class precision and quality. The spoke holes are crafted precisely to make sure the spoke heads can not move under load changes, reducing the risk of spoke fatigue failure. Labyrinth seals protect the bearings from dirt and water and ensure smooth rolling characteristics.

350 Hybrid Specifications

  • increased wall thickness
  • reinforced spoke holes
  • steel freehub body
  • durable axle
  • hybrid-specific 24T ratchet rings
  • oversize ball bearings

DT Swiss 350 Hybrid Front Hubs can be easily converted to 12x100, 9x100 Thru Bolt, 5x100 Quick Release

DT Swiss 350 Hybrid Rear Hubs can be easily converted to Sram XD.

Boost hubs are currently using a consistent width and diameter and do not require a conversion option.  

DT Swiss Hybrid 350 Exploded Diagram

DT Swiss Alpine III Spokes

DT Alpine III is the spoke with the lowest weight in relation to its stability. This is accomplished through a complex production process. Starting with a spoke of 2.34 mm, the diameter is reduced at the thread to 2 mm and to 1.8 mm in the middle section during the cold forging process. This allows weight savings of 173 g compared to spokes with a constant diameter. Despite the light centre piece, DT Alpine III is very durable and is perfectly suited for the big loads occurring in high performance e-bike or tandem wheels. Weight: 418 g for 64 spokes at a length of 264 mm.


All hand built wheelset orders include wheel building and are hand delivered by your local mobile bike mechanic.  When you order from us it is delivered to your mechanic who will be in contact to arrange a time that suits you both.  

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