Continental GP4000S II Tyre

About Continental Grand Prix GP4000s II Folding Clincher Tyre

Continental's revered Grand Prix GP4000s II tyre is the choice of clincher for racing and training round the world thanks to its Black Chili grip, durability and low rolling resistance.

The Continental GP4000S II is the latest version of Continental's best selling road tyre featuring a new design that includes enhanced Black Chili compound and coloured sidewalls.

Since it's launch the Continental GP4000S has been the benchmark tyre for performance road use. Possessing an amazing combination of grip, speed and longevity it was a perfect choice for racing, training, sportives or everyday use. Sadly Continental have ceased production of the original GP4000s.

Continental have now released the much anticipated version 2 replacement, the GP4000S II. It's hard to believe that such an excellent product could be improved and thankfully it's more of an enhancement of a great tyre rather than a complete redesign. As the saying goes "if it an't broke, don't fix it".

The biggest difference is a new and improved version of Continental's exclusive Black Chili compound offering outstanding grip and durable performance. New coloured side walls add a bit of wow factor and have been pantone matched to Fizik saddle and bartape colours. The sidewall colour doesn't go all the way to the edge of the tread as all other coloured tyres do, but is a thin line that shows just above the rim giving a stylishly minimalist look. The use of BlackChili compound means that the tread cannot come in any other colour but black!

Continental's superb BlackChili compound continues to provide amazing grip, low rolling resistance and durability while Vectran technology provides excellent puncture protection. Vectran is a 21st century multifilament polymer thread that has a tensile strength that is 5 times stronger than steel but weighs less than a nylon alternative. It provides reinforcement against punctures caused by glass and other road debris with only a negligible weight penalty. 

Somehow Continental have achieved the seemingly impossible and made a great tyre even better. It is the new undisputed king of clincher road tyres offering the best all-round performance that money can buy.

Don't just take our word for it though. Check out the review from Germany's renowned Tour magazine (click below). Their tyre comparison tests are renowned for the depth of the testing methods they employ to literally push a tyre to it's limit.

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