Tri-Peak Bearings

Tri-Peak Twist-Fit 4-in-1 Bottom Bracket

The Tripeak 4-in-1 Twist Fit Bottom Bracket is suitable for many Road MTB bikes and enables you to run either a 24mm Shimano, 25mm Campy UT or 30mm SRAM/FSA axle cranksets BB30/BB30A, PF30/PF30A frames

It is available with two bearing options either Steel or Ceramic. 

Note: The Campagnolo option is supplied without bearings (included with crank arm).

BB Shell Type

BB30/BB30A, PF30/PF30A

BB Shell Diameter

42mm, 46mm

BB Shell Length

68mm, 73mm

Crank Spindle Diameter

24mm, 25mm, 30mm

Bearing Type

Ceramic, Steel

Bike Type


Crank Brand

Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, FSA

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